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New studio recording by The NECKS "The greatest trio on Earth" The New York Times, "Among the world's greatest forces in music" The Los Angeles Times and "One of the most entrancing live acts in the world" The Guardian.
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13 Dec 19

Helge Slikker is an award-winning TV & film composer from The Netherlands. He started writing and recording his own music as Helge in 2016, demonstrating his versatility as a musician, balanced between Americana and dreamy indie pop. Helge recently travelled to Iceland - where his name originated from - to (re)discover himself & his roots and record his new album Polar. Together with producer Dave Menkehorst, Helge recorded the new album in Sigur Ros' studio, in his beloved Iceland. The music on the record mixes Helge's folk roots and the more spherical and abstract sounds of the Icelandic music scene. "Polar" has become a layered, bold and rich collection of tracks. The Polar story is divided into 3 parts in which Helge takes you on his musical journey through Iceland. Chapter 1: 'Fundurinn (The Encounter)' - dedicated to a first meeting with Iceland and saying farewell to a past life. There is a lightness in the music, looking forward with an open mind to what is to come. Chapter 2: 'Baráttan (The Fight)' - This is where the spiritual impact of the Icelandic landscape comes to the fore and the effect it has on the mind. How the emptiness stimulates the senses and makes you think and feel things that you did not notice before. Chapter 3: "Spegillinn (The Mirror)" - In the last part the magical journey comes to an end. The songs feel complete and bring the mind to rest.
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