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Pete Astor
One For The Ghost

Pete Astor brings together strands and tributaries in his work over the years, mining timeless guitar pop to frame wry lyrical insights and melodic hooks, making music for today, with a true line from the past and an eye to the future.
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More Dirty Laundry: The Soul Of Black Country

24 Mar 08

After the overwhelming success of and critical acclaim (Q4*, Uncut 4*, Mojo 4* etc.) for the Trikont compilation 'Dirty Laundry' here is Volume 2: The soul of Black Country. It might seem that the Afro-American presence in Country music started and ended with Charly Pride, but from the very first recording onwards, black musicians have formed part of the Country tradition. Country evolved out of the folk songs of Anglo-Celtic immigrants absorbing influences from the forced migrants of black Africa, and there has always been an exchange between white and black musicians There's hardly a Soul singer who didn't make a Rhythm'n'Blues track out of one or other Country song. This anthology is a collection of black artists approaching Country music, and sheds light on the often neglected Country roots of Soul stars. Country and Soul music are much closer than their categorizations would suggest, and who would maintain that the songs on this album don't have Soul?
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