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Richmond Fontaine
Don't Skip Out On Me

180g vinyl - limited edition of 1000 copies with download code.
Soundtrack to Richmond Fontaine and Deline's singer/songwriter, Willy Vlautin's fifth novel, 'Don't Skip Out On Me'.
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Sun Electric
Lost And Found (1998-2000)

29 Oct 07

"Lost And Found (1998-2000)" is the never released follow up album of the great "Via Nostra" by Sun Electric. SUN ELECTRIC is to ambient music what The Sex Pistols is to punk music. Members Tom Thiel and Mad Lodenbauer have participated in other projects, tearing out an insatiable piece of the map of electronic music. Bio: As Sun Electric, Germans Max Loderbauer and Tom Thiel marry dizzying Teutonic trance with chilled-out ambience. They first met at the studio where Thiel worked, and the two later played as part of the band Fisherman's Friend. Their debut single "O Locco" was picked up by the Orb's Alex Paterson for his Wau! Mr. Modo label. The duo then signed to ZTT, who unfortunately wanted an electro-pop group. After wrangling out of the contract, Sun Electric signed to the Apollo sublabel of R&S and released their debut album, 1995's Kitchen. The following year brought a live album recorded at Berlin's Love Parade, while Via Nostra appeared in 1998. THIEL formed BUS together with DANIEL METEO (releases on ~Scape, Meteosound), he collaborated with DABRYE and has remixed Apparat, The Orb, Dntel or Masha Qurella. Loderbauer teamed up with Tobias Freund of Sieg ?ber die Sonnes as NSI (on Luciano?s Cadenza Records) and with Chica Paula as Chica and the Folder (on Monika Enterprises). Swiss-Berlin producer, label founder, radio maker, publisher and the orb member Thomas Fehlmann was always more than a friend to Sun Electric, managing, consulting and publishing the berlin duo.
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