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A torch bearer for avant-garde music, the enigmatic Jarboe was an integral part of Swans for years. "Illusory" - her 33rd solo album - is a truly engaging record, where the textures of the music interact with Jarboe's haunting vocals in a remarkable way.
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Solid Bronze
The Fruit Basket

13 Sep 19

Limited Edition Gatefold Audiophile 180 Gram Vinyl plus Compact Disc. Delaware Valley's psychedelic funkateers Solid Bronze are releasing their debut album The Fruit Basket after having great success with their first single release in June, "The Invisible Man" including the B-Side Dub Mix by Lee "Scratch" Perry. reported Perry as saying of the remix: "I was having great fun in Negril (Jamaica) working on the Solid Bronze remix…Funk meets Dub…Funky Funk to skunky Dub that's what's up! I only Dub righteousness and Dub Godlyness and I Dub righteous people. Have fun and play this dubby music until you heal from your pain and regain your brain and feel Happy Happy in Jesus name!" opined: "The result is a tune that creatively throws deep funk, hip-hop and soul vocals, and psychedelic guitar jamming into a heady concoction of grooviness. This is music for listening to while sinking back into a comfy chair, a pair of headphones, and a heady weed buzz." The album was recorded at a relaxed pace from Spring 2017 to Spring 2018 by Mickey Melchiondo (Ween, Dean Ween Group, Moistboyz) at his studio in Lambertville, NJ with additional tracking done by the core band members in their respective home studios. Melchiondo produced the record along with singer/songwriter Chris Harford and mastered by TomRuff (James Brown, Lester Young, Screaming Females) for Asbury Media in Asbury Park, NJ. The album also features several notable guests including guitarist Michael "Kidd Funkadelic" Hampton (Parliament, Funkadelic), saxophonist Dana Colley (Morphine), and Atlanta-based hip hop artist CLEW. Harford and Melchiondo added vocals and a range of instrumental touches. The end result sounds like the output of group twice the size of number actually involved, a massive nasty get-down groove with all players giving everything they've got. Drawing on so many diverse influences and featuring notoriously genre-bending musicians, it'd be as misleading to call The Fruit Basket a Funk record per se as pigeonholing it as Rock or R&B.This music was designed to exist in its own time and space, not be crammed into any pre-existing mould
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