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Richmond Fontaine
Don't Skip Out On Me

180g vinyl - limited edition of 1000 copies with download code.
Soundtrack to Richmond Fontaine and Deline's singer/songwriter, Willy Vlautin's fifth novel, 'Don't Skip Out On Me'.
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Scott Kelly, Steve Von Till & Wino
Songs Of Townes Van Zandt

My Proud Mountain
20 Jan 17

Reissue: 1st January 2017 is the 20th anniversary of the death of Townes Van Zandt. This is a Townes tribute by Scott Kelly and Steve Von Till (of Neurosis), and Wino (Obsessed, St. Vitus). A special three-way split CD in tribute to late American folk music hero Townes Van Zandt, bearing contributions from SCOTT KELLY (Neurosis, Shrinebuilder, Tribes of Neurot, solo artist, etc.), STEVE VON TILL (Neurosis, Tribes of Neurot, Harvestman, solo artist, etc.) and SCOTT "WINO" WEINRICH (Saint Vitus, The Obsessed, The Hidden Hand, Shrinebuilder, solo artist, etc.).
Tracklisting 1. If I Needed You 2. St. John, the Gambler 3. Black Crow 4. Lungs 5. Rake 6. Snake Song 7. Nothin 8. Tecumseh Valley 9. A Song For
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