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A torch bearer for avant-garde music, the enigmatic Jarboe was an integral part of Swans for years. "Illusory" - her 33rd solo album - is a truly engaging record, where the textures of the music interact with Jarboe's haunting vocals in a remarkable way.
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Higher Than High

6 Sep 19

Second album from the Nairobi-born singer and songwriter who grew up in Wanne-Eickel and has lived in Hamburg for many years. She has been an integral part of the Turtle Bay Country Club, an artist collective from the Hamburg music producer Matthias Arfmann. Onejiru is also a singer and producer for "Ballet Jeunesse" who recompose classical music in order to bring it closer to a younger audience. Ballet Jeunesse opened the Reeperbahn Festival 2016 together with the Hamburg Symphony Orchestra and in the same year was nominated for the HANS Music Award in the categories "Album of the Year" and "Outstanding Production". In addition to her career as a musician, she is socially involved in the advisory board of the Viva con Agua Foundation and "Sisters" the Afro-German artists' collective. Sisters" is a collective of women who have joined forces to commit themselves politically and socially to issues such as gender, racism, education and environmental policy. She is also a spokesperson for Music Hamburg Women, a network for women in the music industry and the initiator of "eeden", a co-creation space for visionary women
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