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"Gorgeous classic French surf-pop" 8/10 Uncut
A French language record influenced by obscure horror films and unhappy love affairs that entraps the listener in its seamless melodies, immersive harmonies and unshakable grooves.
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The Soul Of Spain

1 Jul 16

"Of all the melancholy slowcore bands of the mid-'90s, Spain were one of the more imaginative: a debonair, blues-tinged group from LA led by Josh Haden (son of jazz bassist Charlie Haden) that frequently sounded like Spiritualized crossed with a cool jazz quartet. Haden's calm dissection of his own doubt and guilt is unnerving, like eavesdropping on an intimate conversation.... a woefully underappreciated band." UNCUT

Spain are a Los Angeles-based alternative rock band founded in 1993 by Josh Haden (son of jazz bass legend Charlie Haden). Their debut 1995 album, The Blue Moods Of Spain, garnered the band a devoted cult following, In 1999, they released their sophomore CD "She Haunts My Dreams" & they followed this with "I Believe" A Spain best of compilation, Spirituals: The Best Of Spain, was released in 2003. Haden reformed Spain in 2007 with all-new members and began playing gigs again in their native L.A. Since then they've shared the stage with Tindersticks and the Clientele. Ten years of waiting for new Spain songs and it feels like almost nothing has changed. "The Soul Of Spain" contains the same gorgeous, dreamy, lounge-tinged pop that made their first album The Blue Moods of Spain a critical and cult favorite. The songs feature Josh Haden's smoky vocals, the trademark moody arrangements and the very special Spain-vibe. But? "There are 2 songs on this new release are very up-tempo and even, God forbid, kinda Rock n Roll. A friend of mine told me not to mess up the Spain formula, to which I said "the songs may be faster, but they're still in the Spain idiom with song structure, they're Spain". (Josh Haden)
The CD comes in a digipak with lyric-booklet, the LP will be limited and pressed on 180 gr. vinyl
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