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Pocket Moon is instantly one of Joyner's finest albums since his redoubtable 2012 double album masterpiece, Ghosts.
Uncut 9/10 "A treat from start to close" .
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Esplendor Geometrico

17 Jan 20

CD Digipack (Limited to 500 copies) LP (Limited and numbered edition of 600 copies) The new album by Esplendor Geométrico after "Fluida Mekaniko" (2016)! Pioneers and international cult band of rhythmic industrial music. Recorded in Shanghai and Roma 2018-2019. Recommended both for "old school" industrial music fans and the followers of the new industrial techno. Esplendor Geométrico, the influential "industrial" pioneers of the pulsating, hypnotic and mechanical rhythms, returns with a new album "CINËTICA", after their previous "Fluida Mekaniko" (2016). Based now in Shanghai and Rome, they have not stopped their live performances all over the world in the last two years (Germany, Spain, Russia, UK, France, Italy, and recently Chile) with great success. The LP include eight tracks, 10 in the CD version, recorded between 2018- 2019. Limited edition to 600 LPs and 500 CDs. "Cinética" gives a twist to the line that the group has followed in their last albums, highlighted by a more elaborate sound. A less raw sound, but without losing the essence of E.G.: hypnotic rhythms and innovative industrial music, danceable and tribal sometimes. Certain songs like "Acoplamiento internacional" and "Modulaciones", with eastern and African voices, remember the classic LP "Mekano Turbo" (1988) that is considered as one of the best albums of E.G. In "Cinética" there are filtered and natural voices, broken, mechanical and industrial rhythms, synthesizers layers, percussion, noise, distortion, Mongolian chants… Esplendor Geométrico celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2020 and prepares special editions for that year. They have developed a unique style since 1980 that influenced many "industrial" musicians around the world, including the new trends of industrial techno
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