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The Wire "...delicious melody and pitch-black boundlessly intriguing as the city that birthed them".
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And Now For Something Completely Crunchy

Crunchy Frog
13 Sep 19

Double LP for the price of a single LP to celebrate 25 years of Denmark's Crunchy Frog Records. "Over the 4.543 billion years that our planet has existed - since the very dawn of the music industry - the average lifespan of an independent record label has been no more than 3 years. Resources like attention, cold hard cash, and the so-called X-FACTOR are scarce, with many a-label vying for all three. Thusly, and sadly, few labels survive their infancy. We, thankfully and most gratefully, belong to this minority group: We’re turning 25-years old this year! That - ladies, gentlemen, and misc. - is a cause for celebration! During the last 25 rotations around the sun, we’ve released over four-hundred-and-eighty-million seconds of music. New music, every year, and our 25th is no exception! We’re releasing 16 singles with each active artist on our roster to be collected on a crunch-tes-tacular 25-year anniversary double LP, called "And now for something completely Crunchy" The last note of one single determines the start note of the next &c. A musical chain letter, or relay race, if you will. Listen to the tracks as they’re released right here: "
Side 1. 1. I AM JACKRABBIT - Beta Satan 2. Codename Tremstar - The Tremolo Beer Gut 3. Restorer - I Am Bones 4. That Pop Song - PowerSolo Side 2 5. Go My Own Way - The New Madness 6. Malmö Sista – Bossen 7. Rehab In Heaven - Hands of Light 8. Signaler - Bidt Side 3 9. Get Daddy On The Phone - The Malpractice 10. Planetary Dawn - Snake & Jet's Amazing Bullit Band 11. Close To You – Felines 12. Dive Bar Of Dreamers – ONBC Side 4 13. Roll The Dice - Shiny Darkly 14. What's A Man Gotta Do - D/troit 15. The Late – Eggstone 16. Alfa Partý - Apparat Organ Quartet
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