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Musically exploring the entire gamut of the Jesu oeuvre since its initial inception; dream pop, shoegaze, electronica and non aligned/non genre specific heaviness.
Available on black vinyl, CD and gold and white splatter vinyl.
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La Ola Oculta

23 Oct 20

L'Exotighost is, probably, the first serious approach in Spain to the world of Exotica. It is serious in the sense of its intentions, but uninhibited both in the tools employed and in the result achieved. L'Exotighost's proposal avoids revisionism or the retro culture. Its objective is to recover the adventurous spirit of the original Exotica using devices from the present. Martin Denny, Arthur Lyman and company's contribution to the history of music were their high doses of mystery and musical surprise. In order to evoke distant paradises they employed what was an unthinkable mixture of instruments in their period. L'Exotighost updates this concept, using some of its consolidated patterns but adding completely fresh instrument combinations and adding the sound processing possibilities that electronic music brings nowadays. If they had been able to, Exotic pioneers would have most probably benefited from the universe of sounds that certain DAW's, pedals and apparatus have deployed in this era. The Sound L'Exotighost's choice of timbre mixture also seeks to surprise: the theremin works as lead voice in many melodies, the marimba (sometimes played four hands) fills the harmonic spectrum, the bass ukuleles (the revolutionary Kala U Bass) provide the rhythmic pulse, which is mixed with all types of percussion and a relentless drum set, and is well seated on the dance floor. Over this set of sounds play exotic strings such as the Japanese shamisen, Hawaian lapsteels and twanguerian ocean-flavoured guitars. The retrofuturist finishing is topped by the sound alteration of some instruments (theremin, shamisen) through real Space Echos and granular synthesis, as well as the Ableton Live processing of some drums and marimbas, resulting in a framework of rhythmic and timbre modifications closer to IDM dance music or dub. Special mention deserves the occasional scratches coming from old electronic records that dialogue with the sound of the theremin. The Band L'Exotighost was born in June 2018 with music already written by Javier Díez Ena (Dead Capo, Ginferno, Forastero, etc.) who is in charge of the theremin, the bass ukulele and the electronic processing of other instruments. Many of the songs are band adaptations of his kaleidoscopic record 'Theremonial, dark & Exotic theremin music', originally thought for the theremin sound. To develop such a project he contacted experienced musicians such as Ricardo Moreno (Los Ronaldos, Mastretta, Marlango, Fangoria, Víctor Coyote, Tito Ramírez etc.) at the drums and percussion; Juan Pérez Marina (Javier Corcobado, Leone, Cartografía del Ruido...) in charge of the shamisen, bass ukulele, guitar and lapsteel. Marimbas are played by María Arranz and Vera Garrido (Biodramina Mood, Percumento, Timbarimba and a remarkable career at symphony orchestras). Javier Álvarez (Dúo Cobra, Fluzo, Catástrofe Ultravioleta etc.) adds the vibraphone, scratch and some sound processing (Space Echo, Copy Cat, Clouds…). The project counts with visuals designed by José Salas (Machines Desirantes Buró) both for their videos and for live performances. All tracks written, adapted and produced by Javier Díez Ena, except for Cha Cha Challoween, based in Halloween's main theme by John Carpenter.
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