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Pete Astor
One For The Ghost

Pete Astor brings together strands and tributaries in his work over the years, mining timeless guitar pop to frame wry lyrical insights and melodic hooks, making music for today, with a true line from the past and an eye to the future.
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Primitives, The
Echoes And Rhymes

30 Apr 12


THE PRIMITIVES return after too long away with this very cool collection of choice covers of 60s Femme Obscuros. From garage to psychedelia, with touches of soul and sunshine pop, these songs are revisited & revamped with love and affection.

The PRIMITIVES reunited in Coventry, their hometown, at the end of 2009 to pay homage to Steve Dullighan, their original bassist who had recently passed away, and the success of that show and the audience's great response to it after the band's 17-year absence from the stage led them to tour the UK in April, 2010 (where they headlined at the Indietracks Festival) and to play some shows in Europe and the USA, passing through Spain where they were big-names in the Contempopranea and the Lemon Pop festivals. "
Echoes And Rhymes" is a concept covers album, on which they revisit songs from semi-obscure bands from the 60s with women lead singers. The album has psychedelia, distortion, soul, extravagances, sunshine pop and many more surprises.
TRACKLIST: 01 Panic 02 Turn Off The Moon 03 Move It On Over 04 Sunshine In My Rainy Day Mind 05 Till You Say You?ll Be Mine 06 I'm Not Sayin' 07 The Witch 08 I Surrender 09 Amoureux D'une Affiche 10 Where Will You Be? 11 Single Girl 12 Who Are You Trying To Fool? 13 Time Slips Away 14 Wild Flower
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