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Lee Scratch Perry & Subatomic Sound System
Super Ape Returns To Conquer

Made for today's sound system, Lee "Scratch" Perry revisits his classic Black Ark album that defined Jamaican dub music
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Richmond Fontaine
Lost Son

El Cortez
24 Aug 09

RICHMOND FONTAINE's third album. "Lost Son", originally released in 1999, a lost epic of an album. While the band's previous outings, "Safety" and "Miles From" served notice to the brilliant character studies and songwriting of lyricist Willy Vlautin, "Lost Son" finds the band stretching out and finding explosive musical settings for the small town heroes and villains of Vlautin's muse. Recorded in Portland, Oregon with producer Luther Russell, the band strove to create an album of jarring, loud and soft songs that evokes the sounds inside the head of a haunted man on the edges of a burnt-out town in the long hours before daylight. One can see how the sometimes brutal sounding "Lost Son" album prepared the way for the acoustic swept vistas of "Winnemucca", which the band conceived as a mellower "day-after" to the thrash of "Lost Son". And "Winnemucca" left the band a clean slate to create the brilliant "Post to Wire".
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