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Mojo 4* "funny and inventive unassuming gem". Uncut 8/10 "wry, yet heartfelt and admirably understated country-folk songs", Record Collector 4* "a tangy, tender and true missive from a beloved alt/indie outsider"
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I'll Be Satisfied

Doghouse & Bone
23 Oct 20

Dear folks, This is a lifetime project. Collecting the complete Jimmie Widener discography in several exemplary because some 78's sides are poor looks like the Hercules labors, but here we are finely today. I started collecting western-swing in the late 90's and i was quite curious about that very talented artist, that had everything you need to meet succes ...Jimmie Widener always had my preference, not only as a guitar player, but also as a singer, his unique voice was so sincere, fresh and swingin' at the same time. I never really quite understood why his carrer ended nowhere, after 3 recording sessions at the KING studio and what sessions ! The cream of the cream of the Hillbilly Jazz was there ! What hapened and why, the KING recording label, only put out these 1946 recordings in the early 1950's? Today we still have no clue... this young man had everything...He is probably the most obscure and undercover talent of the 40's western-Swing scene. TRACKLISTING: 01. GO ON YOUR WAY (00244) 02. SHE'S A SHADY LADY (00252) 03. JIMMIE'S JUMP (00236) 04. I CAN TELL JUST AS PLAIN (00253) 05. THERE'S A NEW DAY TOMORROW (00244) 06. I'M ALL THROUGH TRUSTING YOU (00235) 07. I LAUGHT WHEN I THINK HOW I CRIED / BOB WILLS AND HIS T (00228) 08. RED TOP / JIMMIE WIDENER BILLY LIEBERT AND HIS ORCH (00239) 09. OLD SOFT SHOE / THE SUNDOWNERS BAND (VOCAL BY JIMMIE W (00302) DISC #2: 01. WHAT A LINE! (00245) 02. ME AND THE DOGGON' BLUES (00239) 03. SHE'S DONE AND LEFT ME (00242) 04. COME A LITTLE BIT CLOSER (00244) 05. I'LL BE SATISFIED (00245) 06. DON'T COUNT YOUR DREAMS (00258) 07. YOU BETTER WAKE UP BABY (00239) 08. HOW CAN IT BE WRONG (00238) 09. TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT (00242)
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