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New studio recording by The NECKS "The greatest trio on Earth" The New York Times, "Among the world's greatest forces in music" The Los Angeles Times and "One of the most entrancing live acts in the world" The Guardian.
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Begg, Michael & Hans Joachim Roedelius
Two Gather In The Waiting Room

23 Oct 20

Michael Begg is a Scottish composer, sound artist, and musician. In 2000, making use of new affordable computer technologies, he began to experiment in computer mediated composition. Along with long time collaborator Deryk Thomas, he produced a series of recordings intended for use in theatre which became the first Human Greed album, Consolation. Michael began contributing to Clodagh Simonds' Fovea Hex project in 2007 with an appearance on the track "Long Distance" on the EP Allure. He has since appeared on every subsequent Fovea Hex recording, and is a core member of the performing iteration of the ensemble. Begg has released a number of recordings in his own name, working more progressively towards a territory comprising site specific thematic work, contemporary classical music, and studio experimenting. Hans-Joachim Roedelius is a German electronic musician and composer. He is best known as a co-founder of the influential krautrock groups Cluster and Harmonia. Roedelius' solo career began with Durch die Wüste in 1978 and then Jardin Au Fou in 1979. The first of the lengthy Selbstportrait series was released in 1979, being material done beside his work with Cluster and Harmonia, without the input of his collaborators. Mostly recorded on simple two-track equipment, the Selbstportraits make up the backbone of Roedelius' early solo recordings. This album is the first collaboration between these two outstanding musicians and brings together the best of both worlds.
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