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"Fabula Mendax" is at once accessible and arcane, upbeat and dark, lush and spare, and with lyrics that as ever remain tantalisingly opaque.
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With This Ring

20 Sep 19

By the early 1950s, rural white Hillbilly music had merged so extensively with the wicked Rhythm'n'Blues that the new musical worlds of Rock'n'Roll, Country and Rockabilly grew out of it. Here is a collection of 28 vintage country and rock'n'roll songs from the old days on the subjects of love and marriage. Featured artists include Gene Vincent & His Blues Caps, Marty Robbins, Patsy Cline, and Faron Young. Tracklisting>> 1. Love Charm - Sam Butera 2. Teenage Partner - The Super-Phonics 3. Congratulations To Me -Darrell Glenn 4. I Love You Girl (And I Need You So) - Dickie Podolor 5. Be Mine (Little Baby) - Louis Prima 6. Tuggin' On My Heart Strings - Dave Rich 7. Let's Fall In Love - Dorsy Brunette 8. Eloping - Benny England 9. Goin' Steady - Faron Young 10. Just Married - Marty Robbins 11. We Wanted To Marry -Bunny Paul 12. Wedding Bells - Gene Vincent and his Blues Caps 13. Teenage Queen - Lonnie Barron 14. With This Ring - Jerry Wallace 15. Teenage Wedding - Johnny Angel 16. Honeymoon on a Rocketship - Hank Snow 17. Baby Sitters Blues - Bunny Paul 18. Baby Sittin' all the Time - Bob Hicks and the Fendermen 19. Heartaches - Arthur Osbourne 20. Your Old Used To Be - Faron Young 21. Broken Heart - The Moonlighters 22. Two Timer - Jim Gray Orchestra and the Missels 23. You're A Cheater - Don Sessions 24. You Broke My Heart - Jackie O'Neal 25. You Love That Guitar Better Than Me - Ronnie Wilson with Jerry Woodward) 26. Teenage Love is Misery - Jerry Kennedy 27. Won't Cha Come Back to Me - Don Gibson 28. A Church, a Courtroom, Then Goodbye - Patsy Cline
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