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New studio recording by The NECKS "The greatest trio on Earth" The New York Times, "Among the world's greatest forces in music" The Los Angeles Times and "One of the most entrancing live acts in the world" The Guardian.
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Feelin' Good

Koko Mojo
13 Sep 19

When You Find Love You're Feelin' Good! 28 R & B and doo-wop songs describing love's journey; from the joy of falling in love, to the pain of the break-up. From Little Junior Parker "Feelin' Good" to Leroy Foster finding himself "Locked Out”. Tracklisting>> 1. My Girlfriend - The Cadillacs 2. Feelin' Good - Little Junior Parker 3. I'm So In Love With You - Gene And Eunice 4. Gosh, But This Is Love - The Classics 5. I Wanna Be The Only One - Clyde McPhatter 6. Don't You Know I Love You - Shirley and Lee 7. Why Do Fools Fall In Love - The Gallahads 8. Wake Up Fool - Otis Blackwell 9. I Have Married - J.B. Lenoir 10. Crazy Bells - Julie Stevens and The Premiers 11. Do You Hear Wedding Bells - The Jive Five 12. Wedding Boogie - Johnny Otis Congregation 13. When I Was Single - The Jive Five 14. We Told You Not To Marry - Titus Turner 15. After Marriage Blues - Tiny Topsy 16. Twenty-Five Lies - Guitar Slim 17. You Can Have Her - Roy Hamilton 18. Go Back - Du-Droppers 19. I Ain't Gonna Cry For You - Billy Ward and his Dominos 20. Worried About My Baby - Howlin' Wolf 21. Crying In The Morning - Guitar Slim 22. Baby You Can Get Your Gun - Earl King 23. Back Biter - T.J. Fowler 24. Locked Out - Leroy Foster (Baby Face) 25. Lover Please - Clyde McPhatter 26. Come Back Baby - The Sunbeams 27. Feelin' Bad - Little Junior Parker 28. F..K Off - Slim and Slam
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