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John Murry
A Short History of Decay

A Short History Of Decay contains all the tragic elements of an unwritten Southern Gothic novel: the revelations of a man coming to terms with the personal shortcomings, the flaws and the perverse twists of fate that led him to the end of one journey and the beginning of another.
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Bristol Reggae Explosion Vol 2- The 80's

Bristol Archive
17 Oct 11

Following the success of ?The Bristol Reggae Explosion 1978 - 1983? Bristol Archive records have dug even deeper into the city's reggae heritage for the follow-up, ?Volume 2 - The 1980s?. They continue their quest with a selection of rarities, including several tracks that have never been previously released, & (by popular demand) Volume 2 also comes with greater dub content. Bristol's top roots exponents Black Roots feature once more, ?Tribal War? is a prime example of their early roots style. Whilst ?Pin In The Ocean? shows the later more commercial sound they adopted in collaboration with the Mad Professor. Bunny Marrett wrote Black Roots' ?Bristol Rock?, the opening track on Volume 1 so it's only appropriate to include his sole vinyl outing, the very scarce ?Times Are Getting Harder?, a great slice of UK roots. When it comes to scarcity there were reputedly just 200 copies pressed of ?Robin Hoods Of The Ghetto? by Cool Running. The Radicals, 3-D Production and Joshua Moses will be familiar to those who have Volume 1 and return with more of the same. The Joshua Moses track is previously unreleased and appears here. Another unreleased track is Alfred McIntosh's ?Wicked Dub? a 7 minute workout that helps give this release a greater dub flavour. The mid part of the decade is represented by Zapp Stereo's appropriately titled ?Way Out West? and Lord John Hutchinson's ?Little Eyes?. The albums closing track is Dan Ratchett's ?Raggamuffin Girl?. Recorded in 1989 it perfectly sums up the way Reggae music started to change direction.
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