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New studio recording by The NECKS "The greatest trio on Earth" The New York Times, "Among the world's greatest forces in music" The Los Angeles Times and "One of the most entrancing live acts in the world" The Guardian.
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Cwantwm Dub

23 Oct 20

When you drop out everything and leave the drum up and lick in the bass and cause a confusion - people like it - Lee 'Scratch' Perry Ankstmusik are very proud to be playing a part in realising Geraint's musical wish, by releasing Cwantwm Dub , a fantastic Dub version of his recent Cariad Cwantwm album, which will be hitting the record shops as part of his 70th birthday celebrations this August. As we swim deep in this wonderful classic dub-sonic world of electronic pulses, bass reverberations, shifting beats and sweet ghostly floating vocals we will also get a chance to reflect on a whole decade of wonderful collaboration with Geraint and his band. Since 2010 Geraint has redefined himself as a solo artist, choosing his own path, artistically free and happy not to rest on his laurels but rather focused on imbuing his music-making with a feeling of adventure, freedom and joy as he has happily sought out new genres and collaborators with every new album. He has also built up a fearsome reputation with his live band that has played a succession of high profile concerts throughout this period (in partnership with old and new hands such as guitarist Mei Gwynedd and Peredur ap Gwynedd) Five albums have been released in this decade (Brecwast Astronot(2011),Dwyn yr Hogyn Nol(2014) Tawel Yw'r Tymor(2016) Cariad Cwantwm(2018) and Cwantwm Dub (2020) and each one has played a part in introducing Geraint to yet another new generation of eager followers as well as pleasing the faithful. Geraint's story stretches back much further than this recent busy decade and in common with Dub music's ability to create the feeling of moving, echoing, bending and looping through time his legacy and music seems to do the same - existing as an ever present force in the whole fabric of music made here in Wales ever since the late 1960s. His early beginnings as a young urban poet stalking the streets of Cardiff and his lifelong enthusiasm and love for playing reggae music all over Wales is fully reflected in the sonic highs and lows of this Dub album, shaping every decision made regarding what kind of journey he wanted to create for the audience. We always knew Geraint wanted to return to the Cwantwm songs and once we knew who he had chosen to strip the vocals off the backing track and start manipulating and recreating the tracks we couldn't; have been happier to know that the album was to be a collaboration between Geraint and Krissie Jenkins (AKA Sir Doufous Styles) known to everyone in Cardiff (and much wider afield) as one of the nicest and most talented music producers Wales' has produced .Dub music is a revolutionary form of music making and in Krissie's hands we felt safe as the original recordings were shifted, distorted, manipulated, delayed and waylaid all in order to reveal the simple beauty of the stripped back music at its core. Pete Hurley's playful deep bass lines, Tim Robinson's steely eyed lockdown beats, Peredur ap Gwynedd's rock reggae lines, the gorgeous backing vocals by Jarman sisters - Lisa, Hanna and Mared and those incredible splashes of colour spread all through the album by producer and multi instrumentalist Frank Naughton. As Geraint says of Krissie's work on this Dub album - 'Give the man a medal, on some of these tracks he has succeeded in crystalizing the original musical elements into a masterly,unique form of Welsh Cardiff Dub - Majestic!' I always wanted to make a dub album - Geraint Jarman
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